Gig Review - Duchess of York Leeds

H-Blockx, ugh, band names spelt like that don't inspire confidence, but these germans were ok, not great, but they passed the time. kinda coming on like a rage against ish band. the rap metal crossover where you can still see the seams. but they did thank the people at the pub a number of times, so you gotta laugh haven't you??

Dub War, ah, to here that welsh accent again, and this time it wasn't mine. what can you say, benji still loves to crank up that machine i'm sure and we're into greedee of the wrong side of beautiful album. the man is in control of himself and the crowd in a way that many seem to have forgotten the art of, you know, talking to the people, paying attention listening, smiling, taking an interest. so what was there, god, uh, strike it, mental, baseball bat, enemy maker, big stand up bass, cry dignity, mentions of billy bremner, well it was leeds after all, and god knows what else. well he does, i just forgot :)

Disappointments, well, they didn't play silencer or one chill off the new album, which would've been great, but hey you can't have it all. nice to be able to still see the band in a small pub, wonder for how much longer, cos they deserve to be much bigger than they are. gorrit is still one of their best and best loved tunes, and for the encore, million dollar love finishes things nicely. a good gig by a good band, but hey, they're welsh so you couldn't really expect anything less.