Interview - Arising Attitude

Benji, what is the concept of this tour :

it's not a dub war tour, it's an earache tour, to promote the label and the new bands. they're trying to show the new bands, more than dub war, but we are the headline.

how many songs did you record :

two ; there are called "prejudice" and "blow them away".

who got the idea to make some records together :

max of course.

do you know him for a long time :

no, just for one or two years.

did you make some rehearsals before entering the studio, or did you just come in studio to write the songs :

oh, we did it in the studio. we make the lyrics in l.a., and then, gloria phoned me, saying "i gonna send you tickets, max want you tocome in the studio and write the songs".

what do you think about ross robinson, the producer of max new album :

he's cool, he's strong. when you hear the album, you know it's him. It's so strong, so perfect.

did you made everything there in indigo ranch :

yeah, everything was done in malibu. now, max is doing some vocals, to put on blow them's so powerfull, so perfect.

do you think maybe one day you gonna be on stage with them :

yeah, i think, definitivly. no longer, soon.

do you plan to make other records together :

max is gonna do something on the new dub war album.

to conclude, we heard the thing you done with mad professor, do you like reggae and dub music :

yeah man, we done it a long time ago. i love reggae music, all kinds of reggae music, and i like to sing reggae music with metal.