Record Review - Wrong Side of Beautiful

Second album, and this sees the band maturing and branching out, bringing some of benji's influences more to the front. as a result it musically is a more diverse album, probably more melodic, definitely with more of the dub and reggae elements on show. and boy does it make a difference, for the better. now I like a bit of noise in my music, but this album for me its much better than last years pain.

More mature, and the songwriting's improved. benji's vocals, impassioned at the best of times, really shine through. this is such a good album. but if you're into the metal side of things, then you have to re-attune your ear, it's worth it. The more obvious dub and reggae stuff is actually the standout stuff as well. not a lot of point picking out songs, as they're all good, enemy maker and cry dignity should've dented the charts more than they did. million dollar love, argh, they're all great. If you liked or loved pain, then you'll have it already, if you were unsure, give it a go, well worth it, if you're not sure about all this cross genre stuff, then you should try it. classic stuff.