Dub War Split


Crossover four piece call it a day - new plans for ex-members unveiled Crossover collisionists Dub War have officially split up. The announcement was made by vocalist Benji, who promptly revealed his plans for both a new band and his Mass Mental project.

Dub War released three albums on Earache; Pain (1995), Wrongside of Beautiful (1996) and the recent Step Ta Dis remix compilation, as well issuing some eight singles, four of which (Enemy Maker, 1996, No.41, Cry Dignity, 1996, No.59, Strike It, 1995, No. 70, Million Dollar Love, 1997, No. 73) made the UK Singles Chart Top 75. Extensive touring in both Europe and America with the likes of Snot, Manics Street Preachers and Fishbone, as well as several headline tours gave them a large fanbase that continued growing right up until the split.

However, some members of the band began to grow disillusioned with the lack of major commercial success which came to head after last year's Earache:NextGen98 tour of Europe which Dub War headlined. During the summer of '98, as Benji returned from his touring activities with Soulfly, guitarist Jeff Rose and drummer Ginge decided to leave Dub War. Although Benji continued in the hope that the band might one day get back together, he feels now that the time is right to make the split common knowledge:

"I don't harbour any bad feelings to the other guys, or anyone involved with the DubWar project, its just that I felt that whilst there was a chance of the band one day getting back together we should keep our options open," explains the singer. "I'm immensely proud of what the band achieved but I have to admit that some of the band became slightly disillusioned by working so hard and never quite making that big breakthrough, although personally that was never my trip."

Benji also cites musical differences at the heart of the split. "Basically some members wanted to use samples and loops, whilst others wanted to keep the hardcore guitars - at the end of the day some people were sick of being in a heavy band. For me, making music and having sex is the same thing: if one of the party doesn't want to do it anymore and is forced to do it, it becomes rape. The band couldn't function properly under those circumstances."

Despite Dub War's split, Benji has been hard at work writing material with a new bass player and drummer that he hopes will be released this year. Although the band has no name as yet, the singer is excited about its prospects. Also, Benji's collaboration with ex-Infectious Grooves/Ozzy Osbourne man Rob Trujillo, titled Mass Mental, is having the finishing touches put to it by producer Mark Dodson.

As a last word on Dub War and a look to what the future holds, Benji states: "I'd like to thank everyone who bought our records, came to our shows and supported Dub War in any way - and I'd like to think that all of you will be equally enthusiastic and supportive of all the members new ventures. One thing is for certain - the story isn't over yet. My belief is that setbacks become springboards and that obstacles become opportunities."

The other members of Dub War have also started new projects - Ginge and Jeff have formed Tribal Clash, whilst bassist Richie is working with members of Leatherface.