Jeff / Ginge Statement upon leaving Skindred


Owning to the mess up and the treatment we received by the representatives of RCA records I feel that touring has come to an end for me. I put so much time and energy into it too much for all the record company bureaucracy and bullshit to keep using and abusing me at its leisure.

After recording our stunning album Babylon and doing some amazing shows seeing the reaction from people to our music I knew we deserved to be treated much better than the way we had been by RCA, the label total didn't push the band or the album in the way a major label can when they believe in it.

If they would of spent more time than 30 days they definitely would of seen a greater response from the public to us, evidently the result of them not backing us and choosing to drop us was that I ended up having to return to a grueling day job in a factory. It was during this period that I had time to reflect, I chose the decision to step out of the band and let it continue with out me. I had become hardened and could no longer be playing music under this type of merciless regime , dealing with all the headaches and heartaches over and over again.

It was I who suggested to the band that they get a new drummer, younger than myself who was prepared to take the knock backs that the business has thrown at us over the years, life's to short to be constantly dealing with these foolish unmusical business executives who can't even tap their feet in time to a beat, buffoons!

I would like to add that the time I spent with Dubwar and Skindred has been some of the best times of my life, after meeting to numerous to mention great bands and people at home and around the world much love to you all, my heart and spirit is still with Skindred 110%,and I also am looking forward to standing in the crowd and watch us play live. I appreciate everything that you all have done for us, I say with a heart full of gratitude thank you so much for being interested in our music...


Jeff Rose

After years of playing in bands and having the best laughs meeting the coolest people any one could ever wish to met in one life time, I just feel its time to move on, I have come to realize my heart is in the recording studio rather on the stage. I always known for a band to succeed every member has to give 200% and it's only as strong as its weakest link.

After witnessing first hand how some major labels brutally deal with their artists I can no longer contribute anything more to the industry in this country (UK) from playing in a live band. I feel it is time to use my knowledge and experience to help younger musicians move forward, so I relinquish my position as guitarist in Skindred. In body, but I assure you not in spirit.

I booked myself on to a music technology course in Glamorgan university south Wales to achieve the qualifications I need to expand my musical skills in a recording capacity by going to Uni it was given me time to consider my future. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU ALL PERSONALLY FOR MAKING MY LIFE THAT LITTLE BIT SPECIAL, please continue to support Skindred as I will and I am looking forward to the continued success of the band (especially as I have 25% of the publishing) and recording them and maybe even producing them my selfish one day...

- All the best Jeff "Death" Rose.